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New Accident Avoidance Products Showcased by iBeam Vehicle Safety Systems at SEMA

Posted on: Oct 30, 2017 9:57:00 AM

All New Dash Camera DVR Kits, Mirror Monitor DVRs, Blind Spot Detection, Parking Sensors and Assist Kits Added to the Product Line
Holly Hill, FL - October 2017 – All new accident avoidance vehicle safety solutions from iBeam, a brand by Metra Electronics, will be showcased at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas from October 31 - November 3. Solutions include a 360 degree view camera system, window mount dash cameras with DVRs, mirror monitors with DVRs, a front and rear HD night vision camera with DVR, a heads-up display, a variety of sensor systems and blind spot detection products. All of iBeam’s new products will be at Metra’s main booth #11639 in the North Hall. Products specifically for the off-road, powersports and truck accessories market will be on display at booth #35227 in the South Hall. A three year warranty is included with all iBeam products.
360 Degree View Camera System
iBeam’s 360 degree view camera (TE-360) is a cutting-edge system that provides an unobstructed view of vehicle surroundings at all times. Four cameras mount to each side of the car, and the included control processor blends the feeds into one seamless, bird’s eye, panoramic view. This system is custom calibrated to each specific vehicle for optimum image fusion with four precision calibration mats (TE-CMAT). Integrated turn and reverse triggers provide instantaneous displays of side or rear camera feeds when changing lanes, parking or reversing.
Window Mount Dash Cameras with DVR
Record vehicle driving history, including accidents or other incidents, with iBeam’s window mount dash cameras with built-in DVR. Two new models support up to 32GB Micro-SD cards and have a G-force sensor to detect collisions and lock video from being overwritten. Both models plug into a standard 12v outlet and can be removed easily from the vehicle when not in use. For 1080p HD resolution videos and photos, the TE-DVR-W model is WiFi enabled to connect to a free mobile app for viewing the recorded video or photos. Drivers can press one button to take a quick photo and the camera can be used forward or rear facing. The TE-DVR-15 model records 720p resolution videos and photos, and easily switches between photo or video modes. This model has a 1.5 inch color LCD display and can also be used forward or rear facing.
Mirror Monitor Camera and DVR Kits
Capture 1080p HD video from your rear-view mirror with iBeam’s universal replacement mirror monitor with a built-in camera and DVR (TE-DVR-MM). This mirror includes a 4.5 inch integrated 1080p HD color LCD screen that automatically adjusts for brightness. The integrated camera has a 140 degree viewing angle, 4x zoom and takes 3.5MP photos. The built-in DVR records the video feed and supports up to 64GB Micro-SD card. The G-force sensor detects collisions and will lock the video from being overwritten. The monitor allows for two video inputs, a rear-view camera and secondary input. The most widely used mount is included for attaching this to the windshield, and additional, vehicle specific mounts are included for popular car models. The TE-DVR-MM is also sold as a kit with iBeam’s butterfly mount camera (TE-DMC-K1), license plate mount camera (TE-DMC-K3), flush mount camera (TE-DMC-K2) or night vision camera with microphone (TE-DMC-K4).
Front and Rear HD Night Vision Camera and DVR System
Add safety and security to a vehicle by recording interactions or collisions - even in the dark - with iBeam’s front and rear HD night vision 1080p camera and DVR system (TE-IFD). The DVR simultaneously captures video front and rear facing video, with a built-in g-force sensor to detect collisions which will then lock and protect that data from being overwritten. Connect via Wi-Fi on the smartphone app to watch a live recording of the vehicle’s surroundings, available for Apple and Android devices. A motion sensor monitors activity while the vehicle is parked. If desired, the feed can also be connected to a monitor inside the vehicle. The system includes IR LED bar mounts for behind the rear license plate to improve visibility for night time recording. This DVR camera kit installs seamlessly to any vehicle while maintaining an OEM factory look.
Heads-Up Display
iBeam’s universal heads up display (TE-HUD) installs easily and displays vehicle information on the windshield. Drivers can conveniently view their speed, engine RPM, battery voltage, and water temperature directly in their line of sight. A three inch multi-color LED display automatically adjusts brightness for day or night. The heads-up display works with the included OBDII connector and includes a friction mat and reflective screen.
New and Improved Sensor System
For ultimate safety, the all-in-one ultrasonic detection parking sensor and backup camera kit (TE-CPSS) has a new and improved, low profile design. The camera has a 170 degree viewing angle and the parking sensor overlays distance in feet over the backup camera display. Additional accessories include a backup beeper, extension cables, and replacement parking sensors to replace damaged iBeam sensors.
Blind Spot Detection
iBeam’s new blind spot detection kit, the TE-BSM, uses two microwave sensors to monitor blind spots for hazards with easy setup and no-drill installation. Activated by turn signal triggers, the system’s two microwave sensors will warn the driver of vehicles in their blind spots via LED visual indicators on either side of the vehicle - and also with an audible alert. Microwave sensors are more accurate and have better range than other sensors on the market, and offer performance that is comparable to a factory OEM part. This blind spot detector is a quick and easy way to increase the safety of any vehicle. See all of the new iBeam products in the 2018 Catalog, which will be released on 10/31/17 at
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