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New BMW and Honda kits from Metra Electronics (video links inside)

Posted on: May 25, 2011 3:01:00 PM

HOLLY HILL, FL – May 25th, 2011 – Metra Electronics is pleased to announce their new BMW 3-Series and Honda Element Kits.


The BMW 3-Series (Without NAV), part number 98-9306, is used for 2006 and newer model BMW 3-Series. The kit is designed for use when installing a DDIN radio using Metra’s 95-9306B. A new DDIN stereo would normally require the heated seat switches to be relocated. With the 98-9306, an extension cable is included to re-locate switches to a pocket in the center console. To complete the installation, be sure to use part number BMRC-01, BMW interface, for years 2006 and newer. The multi-application antenna adaptor is part number 40-EU10. (Wiring and antenna connections sold separately).


View the video for the 98-9306 Stereo dash kit for 2006 and up BMW 3 Series


The Honda Element Kit (part number 95-7863) is used for year 2003 and newer models. It is DDIN specific and fits all Element models. It is textured to match the factory dash. Element owners can now upgrade their audio system without worrying about altering the factory appearance. To complete the installation, use harness part number 70-7863 for Honda Element SC and EX. For Honda Elements year 1998 and newer, use part number 70-1721. Honda’s antennae adaptor is for years 2005 and newer (part number 40-HD10). (Wiring and antenna connections sold separately).


View the video for the 95-7863 Stereo dash kit for 2003 and up HONDA ELEMENT


With these two new kits, rest assured that installation will be easy and factory appearance will be maintained.


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