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Metra new steering wheel control item. ASWCSTALK (video link inside)

Posted on: Jan 24, 2011 5:36:00 PM


Enjoy Radio Control without Taking Your Hands off the Steering Wheel


JANUARY 2011: HOLLY HILL, FL – The ASWCSTALK is the newest addition to the Axxess steering wheel control solution, allowing the addition of steering wheel control options to vehicles. On an aftermarket radio that is equipped with a steering wheel control output, the column mounted ASWCSTALK will allow adjustment of the radio without taking eyes off the road.

View the video for ASWCSTALK

The ASWCSTALK comes pre-programmed with the most popular features: volume up, volume down, seek up, seek down and source. The option of remapping the buttons to fit everyone’s needs makes this a must have interface.

Additional features include: mountable on the right or left side of steering wheel, small and compact, three different lengths of tubes, matte black finish, plenty of wire included, four wire hook up and compatible with Bluetooth radios.



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