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Saddle Tramp® is Now Shipping New Plug and Play Audio Harnesses for Harley-Davidson®

Posted on: Jan 27, 2021 2:05:00 PM


Holly Hill, FL – Saddle Tramp® by  Metra Electronics® is now shipping ten new audio harnesses designed for Harley-Davidson® Batwing Fairing (FLH) and Shark Nose Fairing (FLT) motorcycles with or without the Tour Pak®. These harnesses provide plug and play connections for adding aftermarket speakers, bypassing the amplifier, converting the radio connectors, or pre-wiring for adding an amplifier or the Axxess AXDSPX-WR or AXDSPX-HD1 kit. Saddle Tramp’s new audio solutions are designed to save installers time in the bay when upgrading the motorcycle sound system by reducing the need for wire termination.


Harnesses for Adding Amplifiers or DSPs and Radio Conversion

The new BC-9716 is designed for adding an amplifier or the Axxess AXDSPX-WR to 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson® FLH and FLT models that have the factory fairing and radio, and the BC-9715 is for 2014-up* models. Both harnesses are wired with pre-terminated input and output harnesses for a fast installation of the Axxess AXDSPX-WR, which is a water-resistant 10-channel DSP. An RCA output harness is included, along with a pre-wired rear speaker plug, used with the BC-9720 backbone harness. Installation of the DSP is optional, as these harnesses also work universally with all amplifiers on the market and wiring has been covered in protective cloth tape for extra durability.


The BC-9713 radio conversion harness will help installers save even more time, as it converts the radio connectors on 1996-1997 models to the 1998-2013 radio harness. This allows for a fast installation with existing Metra products, including the Axxess AXDSPX-HD1 kit, along with Metra’s 99-9600, 99-9800, or 99-9613WR radio replacement kits.


Speaker and Amplifier Bypass Harnesses

To add speaker pods in the front, the BC-9714 is a pair of OE style front speaker pod harnesses for 2014-up* Harley-Davidson® FLH and FLT models. It also features an over-molded grommet and OE connectors with 18 gauge oxygen-free copper wire. For adding lower fairing speaker pods on these same models, the BC-9722 is a lower fairing “Y” harness with plug and play OE connectors. The wiring is covered in Techflex® for added durability and the harness is sold in pairs. The BC-9726 is an OE amplifier bypass harness for 2014-2020 models and the BC-9725 is a CVO amplifier bypass harness for 2011-2013 models.


Speaker Harnesses for Harley-Davidson Tour-Pak®

For adding rear aftermarket speakers to 1998-2020 Harley-Davidson® Tour-Pak® motorcycles, the BC-9727 is a rear speaker harness that plugs into the OE backbone harness found in the 2014-up* models. If the OE harnesses are unavailable, Saddle Tramps’s BC-9720 is a 4-pin backbone rear speaker extension harness designed for adding rear speakers to 1998-2020 Harley-Davidson® FLH and FLT models. It features 18 gauge oxygen-free copper wire that fits the OE connectors and works with Saddle Tramp’s BC-9721 rear 3-way speaker harness splitter. The BC-9727 has an over-molded grommet for a water-tight seal with 18 gauge oxygen-free copper wires and EIA colors. This harness is for use with Saddle Tramp’s BC-TP699713 or BC-TP6914U Tour-Pak® lids with speaker adapters. All of these new Saddle Tramp products by Metra Electronics are available now.


*See for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.

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