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T-SpecŪ Ships New High-End Audio Accessories

Posted on: Feb 4, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Holly Hill, Fla. – T-Spec® by Metra Electronics® is shipping new oxygen-free ultra spec copper speaker cable kits, bulk front and rear channel speaker cable spools, a four-way power and ground distribution block, and black nickel finished couplers. These new products expand the brand’s line of premium competition-rated car audio accessories, designed with the finest materials for maximum performance.
OFC Speaker Cable Kits
New ultra spec speaker cable kits are designed for installers who want a high-end system with organized, clean wire management, without the hassle of creating their own wire labels. T-Spec’s new kits have oxygen-free copper wiring inside a 20-foot, flexible over-molded braided cable. They exceed the stringent CEA-2016 specifications for performance and meet BC-5W marine compliance standards, allowing the kits to be used for sound systems beyond car audio, including marine or powersports applications. There is enough heatshrink and ferrules included to split the cable into two sections. The kits come in a 16-gauge, 11 conductor option, the VSW116, or an 18-gauge, 11 conductor option, the VSW1118. Included in the kits are:
?     20-foot over-molded braided speaker cable
?     Outer jacket with heatshrink
?     Heatshrink wire labels
?     Red and black ferrules
?     Braided cable cover
?     5 pair speaker wire plus 1 remote wire
Front and Rear Channel Bulk OFC Speaker Cables
Sold in 250-foot spools, T-Spec's new flexible 18-gauge, 4 conductor speaker cable is designed with full-spec oxygen-free copper. It is available now in a front channel speaker cable option, the VSWF418-250, and a rear channel speaker cable option, the VSWR418-250.
Power and Ground Distribution Block
T-Spec’s newest distribution block, the VBDB4, combines the most practical, sophisticated features in its class with the highest performance on the market to unleash the full power of a car audio system. Premium construction and materials allow for a highly conductive block with 5mm thick solid brass bus bars and a satin gunmetal finish, with dual 0/1 ground inputs to match the dual 0/1 positive inputs. This block also has a built-in amplification relay for boosting the current rating of the amplifier turn-on wire, distributing it across all four outputs. The four mated outputs group remote, four gauge power, and four gauge ground together for quick identification, and an anti-short sub-cover isolates the returning ground bar and terminals. A Blown Fuse Indicator (BFI) LED light for each circuit indicates which fuse to replace and three rapid replacement spare MANL fuse locations built into the case make replacement simple and easy. A TPE wrapped soft-touch cover completes the high-end look.
 VBDB4 Product Specifications:
?     Dual 0/1 AWG positive in
?     Dual 0/1 AWG negative in
?     (4) Mated 4 AWG output sets with remote distribution
?     Built-in amplification relay for boosting the current rating of the amplifier turn-on wire, distributing it across all 4 outputs
?     Anti-short sub-cover to isolate the ground bar and terminals
?     (4) Independently MANL fused positive circuits
?     Blown Fuse Indicator (BFI) LED for each circuit
?     (3) Rapid replacement spare MANL fuse locations built inside the case
?     One tool for hardware installation using T-Spec T20 Torx® screws with Gate Lock technology
?     Satin gunmetal finished 5mm brass bus bars for power and ground distribution
?     TPE wrapped soft-touch cover with modern aesthetics
?     MANL fuses are sold separately
Brass Couplers
T-Spec’s new couplers are made with solid brass construction and a black nickel finish to look good in any install while meeting the demands of a high-performance system. These couplers are sold as a set of 2 pieces with heatshrink covers and T20 Torx® set screws. They are available in a 4 gauge in and 4 gauge out option, the VCP4, or a 0/1 gauge in, 0/1 gauge out option, as the VCP0. These products are all in stock now. More information can be seen on the T-Spec website at
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