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Metra PowerSports New Micro-Amplifiers and Can Speakers with RGB Lights are Now Available

Posted on: Apr 24, 2018 5:17:00 PM

Holly Hill, FL - April 2018 – Metra Electronics has expanded their new brand, Metra PowerSports, by adding waterproof 6.5” can speakers with RGB lights and micro-amplifiers, which are now in stock and shipping.
Waterproof 6.5” Can Speakers with RGB Lights
The new Metra PowerSports 6.5” Can Speakers with RGB Lights are designed for whatever the marine or off-road customer can throw at it. The UV protected, high temperature ABS provides a durable housing by employing a dual wall design. The waterproof speakers are IPX6 rated to handle water, dust and all the elements, while still delivering great sound performance. They are constructed from polypropylene and the tweeters are PEI (Polyetherimide). A passive 3” radiator offers a more robust sound by making these speakers more bass responsive. The impedance is 4 ohms with a 6dB passive crossover, frequency response from 60Hz to 20 KHz and a sound pressure level of 90dB. As an added feature, the speakers include RGB lighting that can be connected to the Metra PowerSports RGB Controller (MPS-RGBC-4). The speakers offer four mounting size options for extra versatility, and can be rotated for optimal sound positioning. The speakers, part number MPS-65CSRGB, are sold as a pair with a one year warranty, under the Metra PowerSports brand.
Micro-Amplifiers for Powersports Applications
Metra PowerSports has also introduced two new micro-amplifiers that are designed for harsh environments. With an IPX6 rating, these compact amplifiers are designed to get wet and not miss a beat. There are two models; a 4-channel (MPS-AMP60X4) that outputs 60 watts per channel and a 2-channel (MPS-AMP100X2) that outputs 100 watts per channel. Both amplifiers are bridgeable to provide more flexibility and designed to fit into smaller applications. The gain frequency is from .2 volts to 5 volts with a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. The chipset technology is full range class D using IR control chips.
The input side of the amplifiers has an 8’ cable with an IP68 connector that is designed to plug directly into the Metra PowerSports Bluetooth Controller (MPS-BTK sold separately). For use without the MPS-BTK, the amplifiers come with a pigtail that allows the user to connect any radio or Bluetooth controller with an RCA output. The power cables are 8’ long with a waterproof fuse holder to reach any battery location, whether it be in a side-by-side, ATV, UTV, boat or motorcycle.
Power Output:
RMS Power Output (MPS-AMP60X4):
60 Watts RMS x 4 Channels @ 4 ohms
90 Watts RMS x 4 Channels @ 2 ohms
180 Watts RMS x 2 Channels @ 4 ohms
RMS Power Output (MPS-AMP100X2):
100 watts RMS x 2 channels @ 4 ohms
150 watts RMS x 2 channels @ 2 ohms
300 watts RMS x 1 channel @ 4 ohms
30 Amp (Dual 15 Amp Fuses)
40 Amp (Dual 20 Amp Fuses)
Both products are in stock and shipping now. Visit to download the latest Metra PowerSports catalog, or view additional product details at A product overview video can be seen at
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